First of all, many thanks to PRIMAL FEAR for the new mega album "METAL COMMANDO"! 

The band's devotion to music can be clearly felt over the entire length of the CD. And that's exactly what Heavy Metal is all about.

When we talk about the album "METAL COMMANDO" we are talking about one of the best albums from PRIMAL FEAR, and there have been many of these in PRIMAL FEAR's long career. 

Finally, I would like to say that it is a great honor for me to have been the head of the "METAL COMMANDO FANCLUB" until a few years ago.



Welcome to my World of Hard`n Heavy Music that stays from here to eternity. Have Fun with that and feel free to contact me. Important, this is a private website, with no financial interests and obligations.


We started the METAL COMMANDO in 2004 to build a Bridge between Musicians and Fans. Great Fans and Bands, great Concerts and a lot of Fun. Today we have social Networks like Facebook, so I think the Time is over for Fanclubs. You can find the older Website if you follow this link: